Refracting a Moment, 2021

Refracting a Moment consisted of a hand drawn, rotoscope animation of four fish swimming on a loop over a distorted image of stars. The animation was projected straight down from the wall onto a 5’ x 3’ x 0.8” plexiglass pool filled with 1⁄4” of water. A transducer was adhered to the bottom center of the pool which played the sounds of cicadas singing. Additionally there were two lights being illuminated from the bottom of the structure.

Experiencing vibrations are a core element to human consciousness as well as a power tool for healing. When the body is in sync with these frequencies, we proceed to enter a state of equilibrium. The body is one to naturally react instantly to this experience in which we are mostly composed of water. There is relevance to myself as the artist as I feel the most myself when I am by the water. I associate these themes with memories of growing up on a lake and just being connected to home in general. The work was made in an effort to show how those connections have brought me comfort and security as I have been detached from that outlet since being in Richmond full time. Through the interactivity of the piece, the audience is “refracting” the moment, thus creating their own experience with it. By engaging with the work, the audience embodies a part of myself.



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