Morphosis, 2022

Morphosis is a site specific study of the development overtime of the Fall Zone at Belle Isle in Richmond, VA. I was inspired by the idea of land as memory and how that connects to time and life itself. 

For the image sequence, I created textures out of cyanotpes and hand made paper. The process of a cyanotype’s exposure is an animation in itself, showing how light casts change the longer the image is exposed. I exposed the cyanotypes under the water, laying the paper over the texture of the rockbed. Through the development process, minerals and other material from the river washing over the paper, leaving an imprint on the paper itself. Additionally the river broke down the paper, which was something I wanted to embrace as part of the concept. For the hand made paper, I collected material from the potholes and added it into recycled pulp.  When I was making the paper, I in a sense of froze a moment from the pothole, locking the material into place, creating frames to a larger sequence with each paper formed. Water is one of the main factors that shapes the change we see at the Fall Zone, a capsule of memories of substances previously dissolved in it even after an arbitrary number of dilutions.



©️ 2022 by cate duckwall